Tattoo Training Studio in Jaipur

Tattoo Nasha in Jaipur does need no introduction when it comes to tattoo art in jaipur and its hygiene standards around the world. Tattoo Nasha caters to a wide clientèle, and offers exquisite tattoo service Jaipur by adhering to the highest standards in safety and hygiene, that has always been the hallmark of its operations. We have over ten years of professional experience tattoo artists in tattooing and this is evident in the kind of work that Tattoo Nasha has come to be associated with.

A painter by hobby, skilled in visual and fine arts, photography and digital arts, and with a penchant for understanding how best to transfer striking images and symbols on to the human body, Tattoo Nasha painstakingly built a commendable reputation in this rather nascent industry.

Learn Tattoo Training Course in Jaipur

Tattoo Nasha continues to keep raising the bar on innovation, quality, safety, dependability and customer service. And now we introduce a tattoo tattoo training institute in jaipur which will enable exposure and recognition of this intricate art form, and invite aspirants to become professionals in this field. Tattoo Nasha is best Place to learn Tattoo Training Course in Jaipur.

The Course

  • Basics and ethics of art and its value.
  • Fundamentals of drawing.
  • Introduction to tattoo art.
  • Basic Understanding of tattoo process.
  • Introduction to tattoo equipment.
  • Observation of live tattoo.
  • Understanding of lights/shadows in drawing.
  • History/evolution of tattoo art.
  • Introduction to different types of tattoo art.
  • Introduction to hygiene system and its process.
  • Basic machine set-up.
  • Observation of Live Tattoo.
  • Understanding of perspectives in drawing.
  • Understanding different types of needles.
  • In-depth session on hygiene process.
  • Introduction to different types of tattoo machines.
  • Hands on tattooing on artificial skin.
  • In-depth session on needle configuration.
  • In-depth session on mechanism of different types of machines.
  • Hands-on: Lining.
  • Configuring machine set-up as per the tattoo requirement.
  • Instructional session of Live Tattoo